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You Can Now Buy a Dog House That Looks Exactly Like Your Home

Let’s face it, we really love our dogs – and if we could give them the world, we most certainly would.

Now doggie obsessives can step up their pimping by literally treating them to their very own replica of your home.

Bespoke kennels can be built to look like your own home (Credit: Kennelstore)

Yes, you read that right – now your dog can live in his own miniature version of your very own home.

Leading manufacturer and supplier of professional kennel systems and accessories, Kennel Store, has launched its own range of bespoke dog houses that look exactly like the average British home.

With dog and human pairing trends on the rise over the past few years, Kennelstore has decided to get in on the action by offering dog pens that match the look of your home. Working with a team of top designers, you can now submit an image of your home, along with any specific requirements and Kennelstore will model a design of your doghouse that looks just like your home.

That's around £15,000 per new dog house. (Kennelstore)
That’s around £15,000 per new doghouse. (Kennelstore)

Once all designs have been approved, the Kennelstore team will begin building your custom kennel before delivering and installing it free of charge.

And it’ll make the perfect gift for your pooch if you’re hoping to spoil him for the upcoming National Dog Day (August 26th).and, for anyone not in the know).

Kennelstore spokesman Andrew Jones explained, “We wanted to create something new and exciting that no other company had created before. We frequently receive customers looking for unique and tailor-made products for their beloved dogs. So this year we decided to go a step further and offer bespoke dog houses that look exactly like your home.

A puppy haven shaped like your own home. (Kennelstore)
A puppy haven shaped like your own home. (Kennelstore)

“All of our wooden kennels are designed by a team of experts to meet your dog’s needs. So whether you’re looking for a kennel suitable for a large dog, with plenty of room for exercise and a bed for doghouse, or a smaller doghouse to provide shelter for your pet, we can create a doghouse that meets all your needs.

But if you’re desperate to give your dog the doghouse he so craves, you must be prepared to spend a pretty penny on it.

Prices start at £15,000 per niche. Ouch, you could put that as a deposit for a real house with that.

However, nothing is too expensive for our puppy!

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