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Woman fears her dog was injured at Tulsa kennel – FOX23 News

TULSA, Oklahoma— UPDATE, 01/21/22, 4:35 PM: The owners of Paws on Pearl released the following statement:

To all of our customers, concerned dog lovers calling and those commenting on social media – we hear you. We read your comments. We listen to your comments. We hear you and understand that you speak from the heart. We respect your love of dogs.

We trusted the wrong person and we are sorry to have allowed him to stay in place after the incident. In doing so, we broke the trust of our clients and the members of our team who had to work alongside him. As a small business owner, we made an unforgivable mistake for many. We can confirm that the suspect has spoken with the City of Tulsa Animal Welfare Office. In my 16 years in this industry, I have NEVER participated in a survey before, and our company has NEVER participated in a survey. To help you, we provide full access to our facilities and have proactively reached out on several occasions. I want you to know that is NOT who we are. We are a small business that has worked to build a life in a city we love.

Like many of you, the past two years have wreaked havoc on all of our lives. We took our eyes off the ball and we take full responsibility.

We understand that it will take time to rebuild community trust. In the meantime, we want to make sure nothing like this happens again and we are committed to the following:

• First – as soon as we can receive and arrange installation of equipment, we add video cameras to provide live feed so human parents can monitor their pup at all times.

• Second, we will require background checks on all future employees.

• Third – all employees must successfully complete a certified dog training course. For our current team members, we will bring in a consultant to train on site. Paws on Pearl 2 Message to Customers and Community

• Fourth, we are committed to providing better communication to customers about their dog’s care – both positive and negative. If there is an incident, we promise you will receive notification and an opportunity to speak with the dog handler.

• And finally, we understand that there are no set industry standards in Oklahoma for a company like ours. We could not point to a rulebook or offer an example of dog-to-handler ratios. We would like to work with each of you and with the Office of Animal Welfare to change that.

We know that we have a long and difficult road to travel to regain your trust. Admitting our mistakes is the first step and promising you that when or if we regain your trust, we will not repeat those mistakes. Our clients are our friends and their dogs are part of our family. We are part of the fabric of the Pearl District neighborhood and welcome anyone concerned to visit our daycare for a personal tour.

Thank you.

Michael and Joy Toburen


A Tulsa woman says she worries her dog was injured at a local kennel.

Earlier this week, a video showing a Paws on Pearl employee dragging a dog by the leg and throwing it into a pen was shared online. The video went viral, garnering thousands of views.

Paws on Pearl told FOX23 it was an isolated incident. The owners say this video does not represent their company and the man in the video no longer works for them.

But a dog owner who used to take his dog to Paws on Pearl says the video worries him.

Amanda Thompson has a 2-year-old red heel mix named Tato Bug. She stopped bringing Tato Bug to the kennel two months ago. Thompson said Tato Bug still comes home with injuries.

“She would come home sometimes with big gashes on her legs, cuts on her ears or she had gashes on her stomach. When I called they were like oh, she was just playing rough,” Thompson said.

Tato Bug also has hearing problems. Thompson says she spent hundreds of dollars on drops, creams and antibiotics.

Thompson began reading comments online about how the dogs are being checked and fears it might be linked to her dog’s hearing problems.

“Sometimes they asked me, if he swam your dog and I said no, she didn’t swim at all and now that I think about it, that’s about when she would have lived that,” Thompson said. .

Tulsa Animal Welfare employees are investigating the video.

In a statement, they say they spoke to the company about the video and are trying to contact the former employee seen in the footage.

We asked Paws on Pearl for a statement. We haven’t had a response yet.

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