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Will Young ‘loses the key’ after handcuffing himself to dog farm in protest | Celebrity News | Showbiz and television

Addressing the drone once more, Will said, “Hello, I’m famous!” before admitting he had “lost the key” to the handcuffs.

Marshall BioResources in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, breeds between 1,600 and 2,000 beagles each year, with puppies taken to labs across the country for testing at four months of age.

After being used to test the effects of various substances on their organs, many dogs are killed when they are six months old.

UK law requires new drugs to be tested on a rodent and a non-rodent before being marketed.

A representative from Marshall BioResources said: “Will Young is entitled to his opinion, but it is unfortunate that he has lent his support to a nationwide misinformation campaign.

“There are less than ten harsh experiments on dogs each year, but they are still essential for the development of human and animal medicines. Animals cannot be used by law if there is an alternative.

“Mr. Young’s sympathy extends, as does ours, to those animals susceptible to benign procedures, but it is unfortunate that he has not made the connection between the human and animal experiences and lives that they will save.

“The vaccines, wormers, flea treatments, antibiotics and all the other veterinary drugs that Mr. Young gives his dog all come from the animal testing that he is now protesting against.

“In fact, most human and animal medicines are not just tested on animals, but discovered using them. The vaccines and treatments we have for Covid are a great example of this, but so are asthma drugs. , diabetes and cancer just wouldn’t be here without it.You’d be hard pressed to find a drug that doesn’t need an animal somewhere in its development.

“The UK already has a global center for research into animal alternatives called NC3R. The day we go beyond animal research it will be because of these scientists, not well-meaning but misinformed protesters” , he concluded.

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