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The Cheapest Dog DNA Tests

Dog DNA testing may reveal much more than simply a dog’s breed. They also explain why dogs have specific hair lengths and color traits.( )

More DNA tests may identify a pet’s susceptibility to certain hereditary disorders. So you know whether your pet is in danger of certain illnesses.

While possessing a gene does not guarantee your dog will develop a health problem, knowing this knowledge may help you prepare. For example, knowing your pet’s susceptibility to specific ailments might help you create a diet and health plan with your vet. You may also compare pet insurance coverage with more excellent knowledge.

Using a dog DNA kit is straightforward and takes three steps. A link in the instructions lets you activate or register the kit. 2 – Swabs taken 30 minutes before or after your dog eats. Postage is prepaid and is included with the kit. Waiting for your findings, you should appear in a few weeks.

Dog DNA test kits range from $50 to $200, with the higher-end kits offering more extensive analysis.

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Buying a dog DNA test

Housedog DNA testing is a relatively new phenomenon, with few brands available. Similarly, the testing services and sample submission procedures vary little across companies.

Regardless, there are three essential aspects to consider when purchasing a kit:

Test type. Do you want a DNA test? These include a basic breed identification kit, a genetic health conditions kit, and a combined test.

Embark and Orivet, for example, go beyond the essentials. Embark adds a social element by allowing users to search for dogs that share DNA with their own and possibly chat with their owners. Orivet, on the other hand, provides access to the LifePlan program, which offers personalized wellness advice based on test results.

Clarity Consider the size of each brand’s database and how many DNA markers are used to identify breeds when evaluating their accuracy. These are the main variables used to analyze your dog’s DNA.

Most companies compare the data to their database. Instead, a sophisticated computer algorithm analyses DNA sequences from submitted samples until the most accurate result is found.

Their respective databases claim to include over 350 breeds and kinds. DNA My Dog, on the other hand, only recognizes 97 species.

Quick results. Results are usually sent within two to five weeks after receiving the sample. Some firms even offer updates or let you track your representative after it’s arrived.

Dog DNA testing

1. Breed & Health Dog DNA Test

According to Embark, their canine DNA test is the most thorough on the market. Together, theyve created patented genotyping technology that assists in investigating canine DNA and the only database for locating your dogs ancestors.

Priced at $169, the Embark Breed and Health Kit employs 200,000 genetic markers to detect over 350 breeds (including wolf-dingo-coyote hybrids) and 190 health issues across 16 categories (cardio-metabolism-hormone-skeletal). Everyone gets access to the Embark Relative Finder database to meet other dog owners who share their DNA.

Embark also sells a $129 dog DNA test called Embark Breed Identification. No genetic testing is included, but it provides breed identification, characteristics testing, and access to the Relative Finder.

Embark keeps you updated on the progress of your findings for up to five weeks.

2. Editor’s Choice: Wisdom Panel

Wisdom Panel analyzes dog DNA samples and utilizes over 1,800 genetic markers to find disease-causing genes within a breed. In the Wisdom Panel Essential kit, your dog’s lineage is traced back three generations.

For around $100, the Wisdom Panel Essential contains a test that assesses over 35 characteristics, from the coat and eye color to body form and appropriate weight. This explains your dog’s unique appearance and traits. For example, hemophilia may induce excessive bleeding, and multi-drug resistance (MDR1) can produce unfavorable pharmacological effects owing to restricted drug absorption and distribution.

If you want to screen your dog further, the Wisdom Panel Premium is available for $159.99. It includes the Essential Kit tests plus over 200 inherited health problems. A veterinarian will also contact you if your dog’s findings indicate a health risk.

Wisdom typically delivers findings two to three weeks after receiving your sample.

3. DNA My Dog Breed Identification Kit

The DNA My Dog Breed Identification Kit costs roughly $70 and provides essential information on an animal’s breed, qualities, and illness predispositions.

DNA My Dog has a smaller database than Embark and Wisdom. It only recognizes 97 AKC-approved breeds (AKC). Nonetheless, the business claims to have matched 99 percent of the samples sent.

DNA In addition to wolf hybrids, My Dog Hybrid Test also tests for coyote DNA. This one contains both the hybrid and breed identification kits.

DNA My Dog categorizes breeds. Purebreds only obtain Level S (single breed match), whereas mixed breeds earn up to five levels. Levels indicate breeds in your dog’s DNA. Level 1 has the greatest proportion (61%-99%). Level 2 represents 40% to 60%, Level 3 26% to 39%, Level 4 10% to 25%, and Level 5 less than 10%. So your dog may be a Level 1 Maltese, a Level 2 Poodle, a Level 3 Chihuahua, etc. This breakdown may not be detailed enough for you if you need specific percentages.

DNA After receiving your sample, My Dog will usually transmit the findings within a week. You also get a certificate with your dog’s picture and breed (s). The image may be submitted during the kit registration procedure or emailed after receiving the results.

4. Orivet Dog DNA Health Screen & Life Plan

This kit (retail price $94.95) may also identify traits and inherited disorders. The test looks at a dog’s DNA and checks for over 200 diseases. The findings show your dog’s health risks by breed, age, weight, gender, and lifestyle.

Orivet’s LifePlan delivers individualized instructions for each life stage and regular care reminders. This allows you to build a complete wellness regimen around your veterinarian’s advice.

Orivet also offers two other DNA test kits: the Mixed-Breed DNA Identification Test to identify your dogs’ breeds and the GenoPet 5.0, which determines the breed plus genetic disease predisposition. Both kits come with LifePlan.

5. Mixed breeds: Embark on a Breed DNA Test

Owners who wish to understand their dog’s breed and the family tree may use the Embark Breed Identification Kit.

Purchasers gain access to Embark’s unique database for locating their dog’s relatives provided they have also had DNA tests performed by the company. You can talk to their owners and possibly arrange a playdate for your dog if they live nearby.

Unlike the Breed & Health kit, this one does not include genetic testing. You can later upgrade your account to get the reports for a fee. You won’t need to swab your dog’s cheeks again since the firm will utilize the data previously acquired.

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