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Rogers Stirk Harbor + Partners Create Star Wars-Inspired Kennel

British architecture studio Rogers Stirk Harbor + Partners and architect Mark Gorton have designed a “space age” dog kennel informed by star wars for a contest at Goodwoof.

Described by Rogers Stirk Harbor + Partners (RSHP) as “bold and space-age,” Dog Pod draws its aesthetic from the Star Wars films.

Dog Pod was designed by Rogers Stirk Harbor + Partners and Mark Gorton

“Dog Pod’s bold space-age look, influenced by the designer’s son’s love of Star Wars, provides style and comfort for its canine resident,” RSHP said.

Dog Pod has a tubular hexagonal shape that is supported by adjustable moon-style legs that elevate the kennel slightly above the ground.

Dog Pod had a spaceship-like boarding ramp entrance
The design was inspired by Star Wars

To reduce solar gain inside, an orange aluminum sleeve surrounds the main body of the kennel and part of it exposes the marine plywood structural frame of the kennel. The orange sleeve has been extended beyond the kennel entrance to form a shaded canopy.

A hexagonal-shaped door also serves as, what RSHP describes as, a “spaceship-style boarding ramp” and offers its canine users easy access to the cushion-lined blue interior.

The raised structure of the kennel means that the interior can be kept warm on the coldest days while allowing air to cool the kennel on the hottest days. Space-style air vents have been incorporated into the back of the kennel to improve its interior ventilation.

“The design has an extruded hexagonal profile and, if put into production, allows each modular unit to be easily scaled to fit larger dogs, interconnected to create oversized kennels, or stacked vertically. to offer honeycomb shaped pods for dog houses,” RSHP said. .

Image of the rear of the Dog Pod Kennel
The studio saw this as an opportunity to apply its architectural practices on a smaller scale.

The kennel was designed by RSHP and Jo Cowen Architects director and former partner of RSHP Mark Gorton for the barkitecture competition where architects compete to design innovative and contemporary kennels with a budget of £250.

The 16 farms pre-selected for the competition Goodwoof the dog event will be auctioned by Bonhams with proceeds going to the Dog’s Trust.

A dog is pictured next to the blue and orange kennel
The company explained that the kennel can be extended

The company explained that the competition offered the firm a chance to implement its research and design ideas on a much smaller scale, the size of a dog.

Foster + Partners also participated in the Barkitecture competition with Dome-Home – a geodesic kennel in cherry wood which was handcrafted by furniture maker Benchmark.

Photograph by Linda Stewart, courtesy of RSHP.

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