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Rainin TerraRacks™ help emphasize canine genetics

Rainin Pipettes and TerraRack™ Pipette Tip Racks from METTLER TOLEDO Help Paw Print Genetics in Spokane, USA Provide a Canine Carrier Testing Service, Helping Dog Breeders Ensure the Health of Their Animals …

Kyle Sundin, Senior Manager, Laboratory Development and Operations, explained, “Paw Print Genetics is a molecular biology laboratory focused on canine genetic health. Testing for inherited diseases and traits – such as progressive retinal atrophy and hereditary cataracts – helps breeders understand the genetics of these diseases and produce healthy animals that are better for both dog and owner .

“In our field of work, the potential for cross-contamination is a real problem; a sterile environment is essential. It starts with the pipette tip, and that’s one of the reasons we use TerraRacks with Rainin BioClean™ filtered tips. Previously, we used pre-racked tips for procedures performed before PCR, autoclaving empty boxes before filling them to ensure sterility. Boxes used for post-PCR procedures were simply thrown away, generating large amounts of plastic waste. TerraRacks offer a premium, high-quality pipette tip that ensures precise dispensing, which is important to our work. Each box of tips comes pre-sterilized, so we no longer have to spend time autoclaving them, and the impact of waste on the environment is reduced because they use less plastic. We fell in love with them.

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