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Permit for Kennel in Town of Medary Approved by La Crosse County Council | Government and politics

On Thursday night, the La Crosse County Board of Supervisors approved a conditional use permit for a kennel in the town of Medary.

The kennel will be operated at W4911 Puent Road by Jeffery and Linda Deeth. According to officials, the kennel will serve as both a boarding site and a space to house the dogs.

Supervisors discussed comments from neighbors, which ranged from support to opposition.


“I’m really concerned about the quality of life for the neighbors who live next door,” supervisor Rick Cornforth said.

Supervisor Peg Isola said the property’s two closest neighbors were concerned about the noise and said she had questions about how authorities would track the number of dogs at the kennel at one time.

Peg Isola, La Crosse County Council Supervisor

La Crosse County Council Supervisor Peg Isola is seen here holding holiday letters from a photo in 2017.

Erik Daily, La Crosse Tribune

Several supervisors said they had walked past the property and thought the neighbors were spread out enough and the property looked dog friendly.

“I think that would be a good thing because more and more people have animals, pets, emotional support animals, and then once in a while they need to take a trip or, for some reason any, to use these services,” said supervisor Dan Ferries.

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The kennel’s request was approved with four conditions, including a limit that there could only be eight dogs housed at a time, including the four belonging to the Deeths, and that boarded dogs had to be inside overnight.

Additionally, applicants will need to receive a license from the La Crosse County Health Department to operate the kennel and if they do not follow the health code, the license could be revoked.

A handful of supervisors indicated that these conditions made them more comfortable supporting the permit.

Gary Padeski

pade skiing

“I’m willing to give these people a chance because there are ways to take it away from them,” supervisor Gary Padesky said, “and I hope they understand that.”

Supervisors Cornforth and Isola were the two votes against the permit Thursday night, and the permit was approved.

“I’m willing to give these people a chance because there are ways to take it away from them and I hope they understand that.”

Gary Padesky, County Council Supervisor


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