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Doncaster dog breeder mum and daughter win top prize at Crufts

A mother-daughter team of dog breeders from Doncaster have won a top prize at Crufts.

Joan Scarll and her daughter Sue Sykes earned the title of ultimate breeder by winning the Kennel Club breeders competition with their Lhasa Apsos dogs.

The team managed to beat 35 other breeders to win the competition on Friday March 6th.

Speaking of the win, Joan said: “For me it’s the best thing ever. These dogs have won 29 Challenge certificates between them and I am very proud of that.

“Dog shows are a great hobby to get involved in. They can be a lot of fun when people make them funny. Win or lose, we always come home with the best dogs. »

The team included Ch Timazinti Liberty handled by Sue, CH Timazinti’s Kienke handled by Joan, Ch Timazinti’s Britskij at Kenjda handled by Ida Watts and Timazinti’s Peppermint at Frenchlands handled by Lina Schuckardt.

The best reserve breeder was awarded to Mrs. Kath Storey with her team of Pugs (breeding name Rhodenash).

Vanessa McAlpine, Crufts Show Manager, said: “We are very happy for Joan and Sue for their excellent achievement.

“Joan and Sue are very talented breeders who dedicate time and effort to developing good breeding practices to produce healthy, happy dogs for the show ring. Their dogs are a testament to their hard work and dedication. to race.”

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Controversial kennel at Ebbw Vale could still be allowed

Controversial dog breeding kennel projects in Ebbw Vale, which thousands have opposed, could be back on the cards.

An appeal has been lodged against a decision by Blaenau Gwent Council to refuse permission to convert a former stable into 30 kennels at Star Fields in Mountain Road.

Around 18,500 people have signed a petition against the plans, with campaigning led by charities and animal welfare groups – including Hope Rescue, Puppy Love Campaigns and CARIAD.

Activists said the plans run counter to a motion passed unanimously by the council in favor of Lucy’s Law, which states that puppies must be sold from their place of birth.

But councilors have also been warned by planning officers that rejecting the application on animal welfare grounds could leave the authority open to an appeal.

Instead, the reasons given for the denial were based on the impact the buildings might have on a Special Landscape Area (SLA).

But an appeal filed on behalf of the plaintiff, Lee Bowerman, says the buildings have been in place for some time now and match others in the area that have no impact on ALS.

No more than 25 dogs at any one time will be kept on the site, in the interests of animal welfare, according to the appeal.

The number of dogs allowed on the site would also be regulated according to national standards by an independent and qualified veterinarian, it says.

The use of any of the proposed buildings for the breeding of dogs is “completely appropriate”, the appeal adds.

A request for costs has also been filed in relation to the rejection of the plans.

It states that the conduct of counsel in the application “is a clear example of unreasonable behavior, resulting in an unnecessary appeal and the incurring of unnecessary costs for the appellant, thereby justifying an award of costs.”

But activists have vowed to fight the appeal.

Hope Rescue Founder Vanessa Waddon, Counselor Lisa Winnett and Hope Rescue Volunteer Alison Jakob

Councilor Lisa Winnett, who has already lodged an objection with the Planning Inspectorate, said: “I will always fight for animal welfare and try to be a voice for the voiceless because these dogs can’t speak for themselves.”

The charity Hope Rescue said: ‘We will not give up and keep fighting.

A town planning inspector will review the appeal in the coming months.

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Council defends its record in tackling the illegal breeding of dogs and puppies

New dog breeding standards and stricter license conditions are being developed in Carmarthenshire to help regulate the growing industry.

The council also promotes a licensed breeding system and wants the public’s help in reporting unauthorized commercial breeding.

A report presented to the council’s environmental and public protection review committee said organized crime was involved in the sector nationwide.

At a meeting, councilors heard that dogs from Eastern Europe and Ireland had been transported to Carmarthenshire for sale.

Cllr Philip Hughes, executive board member for public protection, said it was an emotional issue that was flagged in a recent BBC Wales documentary.

“I think it’s fair to say that as an authority, we haven’t done particularly well in this program,” he said.

But he said he believed Carmarthenshire was the most proactive authority to deal with ever-growing dog licensing issues.

He added: “We are in the process of developing new trading standards and strengthening licensing conditions, and these will be presented in the coming weeks.”

Carmarthenshire has 85 licensed dog breeders, of which around 10 have over 100 dogs.

A council official told the meeting that another 43 illegal breeders had been identified recently, mostly by monitoring social media and some internet sales platforms.

Successful prosecutions have brought in £275,000 for the authority in the past two years alone through the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Organized crime gangs make money raising puppies

The council has regulatory responsibility for licensing breeders who raise three or more litters in a 12 month period. It also licenses pet stores and dealers and investigates commercial breeding and pet store welfare issues.

Officers are giving advice to breeders – and have refused 23 licenses in 2019-20 so far, compared to nine refusals in 2018-19.

The committee was told that the legal process was slow, with court warrants needed to enter the property of someone who was not a licensed trader.

An officer said: “We have to be very sure before entering private property.

“We understand that there are private homes that are being used as breeding facilities, and we are taking active action.

“But the legal system is not a quick process.”

The officer also said council officials were meeting with the Welsh Government shortly to discuss the issues.

Welsh ministers are currently drafting legislation that would prohibit third parties such as pet shops or commercial dealers from selling puppies and kittens, unless they raise the animals themselves.

Carmarthenshire Council wants to focus its resources on illegal dog breeding, monitoring online activity and improving standards.

The review report said 18 breeders were eligible for its Certified Breeder Program, which would reassure buyers and boost the reputation of sellers.

Cllr Joseph Davies said if every buyer demanded to see a puppy with its mother, illegal breeding would be stamped out.

Cllr Hughes said: “We try to encourage breeders to join this ‘buy with confidence’ scheme.

“To get there, it’s a pretty rigid process. You have to have some checks done.”

He also said it’s frustrating that people who know about illegal farming don’t come forward to authorities.

Cllr Mansel Charles called for an investigative inquiry into the illegal breeding of dogs to be set up, but it was decided that a working committee and finishing group would be set up instead.

Committee chairman Cllr John James said the public had a role to play and added that many dog ​​breeders complied with the regulations.

Cllr Hughes said after the meeting that he didn’t think the documentary program portrayed Authority in a good light, given the work he was doing.

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the evolution of dog breeding

In the first edition of On the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin mentions dogs 54 times. He does this mainly because the extraordinary variation between dog breeds wonderfully illustrates the power of selection. For most of the approximately 15,000 years…

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The £170,000 kennel for sale

The beak of luxury! The £170,000 dog kennel features faux-classic columns, marble scraps and a conference call systemLuxury villa style kennel designed for pampered pooches for sale Palatial cushion complete with treat dispensers and call system £170.00 But if that's…

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