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Nebraska Pet Rescue Volunteers Concerned About Dog Breeding Practices

FREMONT, Neb. (WOWT) – Volunteers at a Nebraska pet shelter are concerned about what they saw at a state-licensed breeding facility.

A 4 month old puppy needs surgery. Animal rescuer Rae Tuff says the dog’s name is Cash for a reason. Puppy surgery will cost $6,000.

A broken femur was discovered by Rae’s vet three hours after buying the dog for $280 from a licensed commercial breeder in Nebraska.

“It was a previous injury and I would like to see her mostly closed or at a level that she can manage. The GA ministry is very lenient with her.

While purchasing two puppies, the Grants Wishes Pet Rescue manager and a friend took several photos around the northeast Nebraska farm, which is also a state-licensed dog breeding kennel.

“I was appalled,” said dog buyer Kathy Robertson. “Garbage, debris covering everything, puppies invading your vehicle. This is not the sign of a professional breeder.

Clips of a drone video show more of a corral than a kennel and several dogs can be seen roaming free.

“If they don’t get the attention they need, you end up with an adult feral dog and their life is euthanasia.”

A sheriff’s deputy told 6 News that he had been to the property several times, including once with a veterinarian and a state inspector general, but could not find enough evidence to charges of animal cruelty or neglect under the law.

Fearing that money isn’t the only one showing a lack of energy and development, licensed Grants Wishes Pet Rescue purchased six dogs from the breeder for a total of nearly $1,800.

“I want them to go to good homes and find shelter,” Rae Tuff said.

Communicating via text message, the breeder says all her dogs are excellent and she has been in the business for seven years. She states that she is against cages.

The Nebraska Department of Agriculture will say only that an investigation is ongoing and a breeder license administrative hearing is scheduled for the end of May.

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