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Medical Research Dog Breeding Facility Advances in Spring Green

A dog breeding center for medical testing will be set up in Spring Green.

The Sauk County Land Resources and Environment Committee has approved a conditional use permit for Jill and Clinton Kane to allow them to breed hundreds of dogs to sell for medical research.

The Spring Green Town board had recommended the permit be denied after learning the purpose of the facility, which will house 135 dogs at a time and includes no outdoor exercise area. The Kanes said the dogs will be able to run indoors.

Two hours of public comment revealed concerns about intended dog use, noise and possible groundwater contamination.

The committee noted that the couple had already started with eight dogs without approval, but granted the license based on advice from the county attorney to follow legal requirements when making the decision, versus personal beliefs. The permit was approved with 16 conditions.

Last week, the Village of Spring Green refused a facility at the Kanes’ home to raise and house puppies before they were old enough for the other approved facility.

“It wasn’t anything like I thought it would be. I fell in love with dogs. They were treated well, they were super friendly,” said Jill Kane, a veterinarian, who worked for the kennel’s former owner. “I wish there was no animal research, but that’s the law. The FDA requires testing on a large mammal before approving a new device, a new drug. My husband and I think we are qualified to do it well.

“These dogs are meant to live short lives in cages and most, if not all, will be killed after the experiments are over,” said Megan Nicholson, Wisconsin director for the Humane Society of the United States. “The Kanes will profit from being sold to big pharmaceutical companies, where they will be force-fed toxic doses of chemicals or induced a painful disease.”

The full meeting and discussion can be viewed on the Sauk County website.

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