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Local relief calls for the development of a dog breeding facility

BARCS Rescue in Cremona has taken a stand against plans to develop an $850,000 dog breeding facility in Mountain View County.

In May, the county’s municipal planning commission approved a development permit for a kennel project north of Cochrane. The facility proposed a 5,800 square foot building that would include a habitable dwelling. The proposal specified that up to 55 dogs would be kept on site, approximately 25 to 28 breeding females, seven to 10 males and 20 puppies.

“Red flags came up pretty quickly for our organization when we saw this development app,” says Amanda Thomson of BARCS Rescue. “That’s why we started the petition and we’re trying to fight and appeal to this development.”

Working closely with fellow rescue, Pause4Change, BARCS began the development appeal process.

“We initially posted our displeasure, red flags and concerns about this, and we’ve had great feedback from the community. We reviewed the appeal process and there was a $425 fee associated with it. Within hours we were able to fundraise and had a lot of great people willing to pay the full cost to help us get that call which was amazing.

BARCS was able to submit its appeal just hours before the deadline.

Thomson is also working hard to ensure the right message is attached to the petition and appeal. “We’re not using this as a rescue or a breeder, we’re not anti-breeders, and we totally agree that there is a time and a place for ethical dog breeding.”

“We’re concerned about the unethical side we’ve seen, the square footage with the number of dogs they have, or claim they’re going to have.”

“In their application, it says that all dogs will be placed with anti-bark collars. We did our research and we found the breeders and we saw pictures and videos of the dog moms they have in their facilities working, wearing anti-bark collars, really pushing us on the dog defense side .

A petition by the rescue has also been launched to halt development of the facility and currently has over 12,000 signatures.

Mountain View County is currently working to set a date and committee for the appeal review.

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