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Kendrick Perkins Opens His Multimillion-Dollar Dog Breeding Business: “We’ve Even Got One That’s Worth $1 Million.”

Kendrick Perkins became incredibly popular after his NBA career as an ESPN analyst. As a former player, Perkins isn’t shy about speaking his mind. His portrayals of many current NBA stars got him into hot water, including his beef with Draymond Green. However, basketball analysis isn’t the only thing the former NBA champion has been doing to occupy his time since retiring from the league.

Like many former NBA players, Perkins is a businessman. And one of his businesses in particular has gotten a lot of attention recently, the big man is involved in running a dog breeding business called Big League Exotics. The New York Post did a detailed report on exactly what they do, and Perk explained to them that the dogs they currently have are worth up to over $4 million.

“BLE is a company of four people: Perkins, Alpough, Dung Nguyen – a serial entrepreneur who works with Alpough on other projects, including real estate – and John Shenkir, another businessman who befriended Alpough after they met at the vet.

“BLE now has 42 dogs and Perkins estimates their sale value at around $4-5 million. The dogs are split between their own dealership and other families and kennels who could be potential partners in the business. There is an important focus on the welfare and quality of life of dogs.

Perkins also opened up about how he got into the business with his brother-in-law Thomas Alpough, explaining how he realized there was a lot of money to be made in the business.

“I was like, ‘OK, you’re really making money right now,'” Perkins said. “Now he had my attention and I’m all in.”

“Originally Frenchies started out, and there were black and white Frenchies. Then all of a sudden they started going out with lilac Frenchies, which were bluish white, with polka dots and things of that nature,” Perkins said. “So you have the Blackbirds [which resemble Dalmations’ patterns]. But now you have fluffy Frenchies, which are expensive. Fluffy Frenchies have fur, different colors, it’s the new wave. These dogs start between $100,000 and $150,000.

“We started to develop relationships. I started learning more about DNA, color, structure – the things people want. And now we’re at the point where we actually have dogs in our kennel that are worth $250,000, $500,000 – and we even have one that’s worth $1 million.

Many NBA players get involved in businesses after retirement in order to grow their capital. While athletes of the past could often fall into poverty and other problems after their careers, it’s good to see that some like Perkins have found different ways to hold on to their wealth. Although dog breeding is a particular choice, it just goes to show how much money there is to be made doing a job that may not be considered conventional.

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