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Hydrant Regency Dog Kennel Investigation Involves FBI – NBC Boston

A investigating conditions at a kennel in Rowley, Massachusetts pushed by a small herd of stray goats continues, with the help of the FBI.

The investigation began when a small herd of goats escaped from their enclosure on August 27 and wandered along Highway 1. This led Rowley Police to their home, The Hydrant Regency kennel on Newburyport Turnpike, who had dozens of animals being held in what investigators described as unsanitary and unsafe conditions.

A former client of The Hydrant Regency has shared a horrifying story about her experience with the kennel – one which she says nearly killed her dog and left her with around $6,000 in vet bills.

Jillian Aurigemma of Wilmington said she housed her two dogs there while vacationing in New Hampshire in July 2021. She said when she picked up the dogs, one of them had a serious injury near tail.

She said the dog, Busy, now 4, ended up with a serious infection that nearly killed him. Although he survived, vets couldn’t save his tail, which had to be amputated.

“A pretty traumatic situation all around,” she recalled. “He had a serious tail injury, at which point we were told the infection must have progressed by at least three or four days.”

She said she immediately contacted the owners of the kennel, but nothing came of it.

“They pretty much brushed it off like it was a minor injury, and it just happened moments before we picked it up,” she said.

Aurigemma said vets believe the injury has been there for at least a few days.

Rowley Police launched a criminal investigation in late August after discovering evidence of possible animal cruelty at the kennel.

The kennel had electrical issues, police said, and they also observed unsanitary conditions.

Authorities said the dogs were unharmed and were eventually reunited with their owners.

It remains unclear why the FBI is now involved in the investigation.

Kennel owners could not be reached for comment.

The Hydrant Regency previously posted on their Facebook page that “we’ve had a lot going on here at The Hydrant Regency.” The message also mentioned “an electrical problem which requires immediate attention” and that it will be closed until further notice for “upgrades to the kennel”.

Aurigemma said the owners of the kennel eventually stopped communicating with her. She said she recently turned over information about the incident involving her dog to the police.

“Business-wise, it’s glaring,” she said. “But, on a personal level, some kind of compassion would have been nice.”

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