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Foster + Partners Dome Home Dog Kennel comes in a geodesic shell structure

You can’t blame some dog lovers for spending a lot of money on food and products for their pets. So if you have that mindset that it’s okay to spend on pets, you’ll love this Dome-Home from Foster + Partners.

The Dome-Home isn’t exactly expensive, but it looks like something you’d spend a lot of money on. The design is state of the art, which we don’t usually expect from a kennel. But again, when it comes to design, any object can get a new iteration.

Designate: Foster + Partners

Foster Partners Dome Home Dog Kennel

Foster + Partners submitted an entry to the Barkitecture contest at a major pet event. The Dome-Home features a geometric shape that creatives and design lovers will love even if they don’t exactly like dogs. At the Goodwoof pet event held over the weekend, Norman Foster proudly presented the plush kennel to dog owners. Foster described the product with a geodesic shell structure. He also noted, “it’s like architecture in miniature,” and we can agree that it’s a sight to behold.

Foster Partners Dome Home Dog Kennel

Foster Partners Dome Home Dog Kennel

Canine luxury seems like a thing now, and there’s nothing stopping pet owners from spoiling their babies. This time, Foster + Partners is reinventing that pet luxury by introducing the handcrafted Cherry Wood Dog House. Design and craftsmanship always go hand in hand, and we like what we’ve seen from English furniture designer and manufacturer Benchmark.

The Dome-Home is made of engineered cherry wood and fine woods. A soft padded fabric liner complements the bowl-shaped interior for your dog’s comfort. The liner is even removable for easy washing as described.

Foster Partners Dome Home Dog Kennel

We can already imagine the Dome-Home in the homes of minimalist animal lovers. The geodesic shell shape isn’t exactly a simple design, but the wooden material gives it a more natural and earthy feel. It’s a modern contemporary that we think can be timeless.

Over the weekend the Goodwoof held at Goodwood House was filled with many dogs of all breeds, sizes and shapes. It’s a special event that celebrates man’s best friend. Several special activities for dogs and their humans were presented. In addition, many products were presented, including the Dome-Home.

Foster Partners Dome Home Dog Kennel Concept Entrance 2

We’re no stranger to kennel designs, as we’ve featured several here before. However, not all of them are exclusive to our paw friends, as kennels can be for both cats and dogs. This DIY Feline Digs was a cool cat cage, while PaiPai Pets doubled as a cat tower and storage area. We once thought the Fetch House might be the best doghouse for your best boy.

Foster Partners Dome Home Dog Kennel

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