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Ford designs noise-canceling kennel for puppies bothered by fireworks

The kennel project started as a simple way to show off the noise control technology that is now available in cars but often invisible to the consumer.

Ford Motor has developed a prototype quiet doghouse using noise-canceling technology created for high-end vehicles sold in Europe.

For years, veterinarians have urged people to find a quiet space for their pets because holiday fireworks can terrify pets. They run away, get hit by cars, develop anxiety and stress that can lead to injury and self-harm. Dogs have a heightened sense of hearing that is far superior to humans, so loud noises can be particularly painful and upsetting.

The Ford Kennel’s quiet design detects noise and transmits opposing frequencies. In addition to noise cancellation, the structure also has a soundproofing component and an automatic door.

Dogs in quiet kennels hear fewer sounds and feel fewer vibrations. The sound systems are located in microphones around the dog’s bed in the kennel.

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The kennels are not available for purchase and are not yet produced.

“We are not in the kennel business,” said Anthony Ireson, director of marketing and communications for Ford of Europe.

But if someone wants to develop the prototype? Ford is open to the idea. “If there’s enough interest, we’ll explore the technology” for production, he said.

The project started as a simple way to show off technology often invisible to the consumer and now available in cars, Ireson said. “It is difficult to demonstrate what can be done. This is the first in a series we’re doing on how our automotive technology affects lives in other ways. It just struck a chord.

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