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Dog farm permit to be considered after two objections

A bid for a dog breeding license in Rankinson received two objections over previous illegal breeding.

Licensing chiefs will consider an application from Peter McIlwraith to breed dogs at Ashentree Farm, Rankinston, with a hearing to be held today [Wednesday].

The application received two objections – from neighbor Iain Wham and John Robins of the advice line Animal Concern complaining about barking from a previous illegal breeding of dogs for sale on Gumtree.

However, the plaintiff countered by saying that an opponent had behaved aggressively on its premises and admitted that the previous illegal breeding was a “misunderstanding”.

Peter McIlwraith said: “In terms of illegal breeding it was totally a misunderstanding on my part to not fully understand the breeding allowance allowed in each calendar year. I contacted the department concerned and apologized to them.

“To my knowledge, Mr and Mrs Wham have twice visited my premises where they have behaved in a threatening, abusive and aggressive manner towards my staff, my family, my customers and myself.

“Mr. Robins, to my knowledge, has never visited my property, my kennel or visually seen any of my dogs.”

A decision will be made at a meeting today (Wednesday).

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