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Bewdley Farm owners appeal after commercial dog breeding plans rejected

Bewdley Farm owners have appealed after their dog breeding plans were rejected by the local council. The application, submitted to Wyre Forest District Council last year, proposed to change Northwood Farm’s land use from farming to ‘commercial dog keeping’.

The owners of the farm, located on the outskirts of town, have also offered to replace the existing kennels with a single kennel block which would include an office and storage room. However, the planning application was rejected later that year for a number of reasons, including concerns about increased barking and the impact the new kennel would have on the green belt.

According to the council: “The physical size and position of the building, results in a structure that does not harmonize with the surrounding landscape and significantly impedes the openness to the landscape and the green belt. The change of use would represent an encroachment of the countryside.”

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It continues: “Intensified use of the site would lead to an unacceptable sound level of barking dogs which would have a detrimental impact on (…) neighboring properties due to unacceptable noise pollution. The council officers’ report added: ‘The welfare of the dogs is of the utmost importance and there are animal welfare dog breeding regulations with which applicants must comply.’

The farm owners have now appealed the decision, saying the proposed building would be “far superior” in design to existing kennels. They added that new animal welfare regulations meant that upgraded buildings were urgently needed.

Their appeal states: “In the eyes of the appellant, the new building is a visual enhancement of the environment of the existing buildings which are currently detrimental to the landscape, and it is difficult to perceive them otherwise. No noise pollution was reported on the site. operator before 2021 reliably indicating that the site does not generate noise pollution.

“This particular use of dog breeding does not cause any nuisance as evidenced by the lack of complaints registered over an extended period. The origin of the complaints is unclear.

“No account appears to have been taken of neighboring dogs or pet dogs by the owner or neighbors. The new building is far superior in design, materials, construction and noise abatement materials than other previously used buildings.”

A decision on the appeal has not yet been rendered.

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