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Appeal filed after Bewdley dog ​​farm plan denied

An appeal has been lodged after plans to set up a commercial dog breeding site in Bewdley were turned down.

The appellant wants to change the farmland at Northwood Farm, off Northwood Lane, to a commercial dog farm, with new kennels, office and storage room.

Previously, proposals outlined in a planning application were deemed ‘unsuitable’ and rejected by Wyre Forest District Council.

The planning officer’s report points out that the change in use “would represent an encroachment on the landscape through an increase in built form on the site, eroding the openness of the green belt”.

The report describes a planned new building as an “alien structure that does not sit well with its farmyard background”.

The report also states that this would “lead to an unacceptable noise level of barking dogs which would adversely impact the residential amenity of occupants of neighboring properties due to unacceptable noise disturbance”.

Notice of appeal in Bewdley

Now an appeal has been filed against the decision.

The planning appeal statement says: “In the opinion of the appellant, the new building is a visual improvement to the surroundings of the existing buildings which are currently detrimental to the landscape and otherwise difficult to perceive .”

“No noise pollution has been reported to the site operator before 2021, indicating reliably that the site does not generate noise pollution.

“This particular use of dog breeding does not cause any nuisance as demonstrated by the absence of complaints recorded over an extended period.

“We don’t know where the complaints are coming from.

“No account appears to have been kept of neighboring dogs or domestic dogs by the owner or neighbours.

“The new building is far superior in design, materials, construction and noise abatement materials than other buildings previously used.”

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