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Animal Welfare Board to take action against illegal dog breeding

The city’s dog breeders will have to register with the State Animal Welfare Board or face legal action in the coming days.

Principal Secretary, Municipal Administration and Urban Development, Arvind Kumar has instructed officials to ensure that the activities of dog breeders comply with the rules stipulated by the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act promulgated by the Ministry of Environment and Forests.

Dog breeders should be made aware of the law and mandatory registration with the Council, Mr. Arvind Kumar mentioned in his letters to GHMC Commissioner DS Lokesh Kumar and Principal Secretary, IT, Jayesh Ranjan .

Selling pets via social media is illegal and online transactions must be registered with the Council, he said, and asked the IT department to monitor illegal online transactions and take action. strict against them.

Dog breeders should have four months to comply with the regulations, he said.

The Director of Animal Husbandry, Director of Municipal Administration and Commissioners of Police of Cyberabad, Rachakonda and Hyderabad should work in coordination to take action against illegal dog breeding and submit a report on the action taken to the government by August 15, he ordered.

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