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A police dog kennel has been set up in Molo to help improve security – Kenya News Agency

The police commended the efforts made by the Molo sub-county community to enhance security in the area.

Speaking at the unveiling of a newly built police dog kennel through a police community partnership at Molo Police Station, Nakuru County Police Deputy Commander Joseph Tonui said that the company would go a long way in tackling instances of insecurity, more so the road robberies that have dotted the region.

Nakuru County Deputy Police Commander Joseph Tonui with a section of those representing the community. Photo by Emily Kadzo

The commander warned all criminals saying that they will not be tolerated if they continue to endanger the lives of the locals as their network has been strengthened and they will be dealt with accordingly if they break the law.

He noted that several highways cross Molo and that trained police dogs will help patrol these areas and trick criminals into stealing goods in transit along the highway and vandalizing businesses, adding that another police dog deal with this drug trafficking.

According to Tonui, the people of the area were fed up with the many crimes committed in the area and saw the need to initiate this project. The business community is chaired by Evans Ngige, who said they hoped the project would help create a secure environment in which to carry out their day-to-day activities and help reduce crime rates.

He assured of their commitment to their partnership with the police and urged other residents not to tire of cooperating with the police saying it was the only way to help identify criminals. It will help to live without fear and create a safe community to live in as well.

“The kennel will accommodate three police dogs but we plan to expand it in the near future,” he said.

The police have been asked to provide better services to residents and they continue to improve infrastructure through this partnership.

This cooperation enabled the Molo police station to build a toilet, a kennel for police dogs and a police canteen which was under construction.

By Emily Kadzo

police dog kennel

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