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A new dog breeding kennel is seeking approval in Colerain Township. | Community News

When: July 21 supervisors meeting.

What happened: Supervisors drew attention to two separate zoning hearings scheduled for Aug. 11. They expect both to spark public interest. The first is for a dog-breeding kennel on the Aaron Stoltzfus property at 327 Sproul Road, while the second is for an animal feed operation focused on the Peifer property, 510 Mount Eden Road, which would house up to 5 000 ducks.

Context: Both properties are in agricultural areas. The ordinances require applicants to appear before the township’s zoning hearing board for special exceptions for these uses. If land uses are approved, applicants must follow all other applicable national ordinances and regulations.

What happens next: Approval of special exceptions rests with the Zoning Hearing Board, which may approve, deny, or conditionally approve. If the board of supervisors chooses to do so, it can make submissions at the hearing, but the supervisors do not make the decision.

Quoteable: “We will review them and if we have any suggestions, do so (at the August 2 board meeting). If we did, the main one would probably be the smell of the ducks,” supervisor Scott Shoemaker said.

Other events: The council has approved a well isolation waiver for 1755 Kirkwood Pike after reports emerged that the new septic tank is 100ft or more from the wells of neighboring properties. In the future, the canton will require this information as part of the initial derogation request.

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