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’90 Day Fiancé’: Brandon’s family slammed for running dog breeding business, fans call them ‘animal abusers’

Season 8 of “90 Day Fiance” returns with a slew of new couples, of which Brandon and Julia seem to be making the most noise when it comes to how their stories are developing.

The boy works in a pest control company and also participates in his parents’ farm. One of their other activities is dog breeding. A clip shows Brandon petting the German Shepherds as they wander through their cages, which fans found cruel. However, Betty and Ron seem more focused on how Brandon helps them on the farm. Meanwhile, fans have called out the family for running a ranching business and some have even called them “animal abusers.”

“It’s sad that Brandon’s farm animals are on the loose but the poor dogs are in cages,” one user commented on the show’s official Facebook page, while another posted on the same. thread: “That was EXACTLY what I thought. I hate ranchers. Goats and pigs have a better quality of life than those handsome GetmannShepherds.”

“As soon as they show it I’m hardly gonna watch it. HATE GREEDY BREEDERS,” one pointed out while another shared, “As soon as I saw this I hated them For locking up the shepherds! I don’t like parents already. Getting involved in their son’s life. “Dog breeding business? Ugh get a real job, animal abusers. #90DayFiance,” one viewer tweeted.

In other news, Brandon and his parents prepare for the arrival of Julia, who Betty suspects is a “call girl or prostitute.” But that’s not the real problem. After Brandon managed to convince Betty that he loves Julia very much and that she is just a go-go dancer from Russia, she asked him about the methods of contraception that Julia was using.

He admitted to “having fun” and not being “cautious” enough, prompting Betty to make an appointment with a gynecologist without Julia’s knowledge or advice. Even though Brandon didn’t question Betty when she made the call, in his confessional he said she couldn’t make certain decisions for Julia.

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