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Objections to dog breeding kennel projects

RESIDENTS opposed plans for new dog breeding kennels in the county’s southwest.

The planning application is for a proposed single storey building for the breeding of dogs in the village of Marstow, near Whitchurch.

Mr L Hancock submitted the application in the residential setting of a cottage and proposed 18 kennels with outdoor areas.

So far, there have been 14 objections from members of the public.

Goodrich and Welsh Bicknor Parish Council also objected as they said the building was too large for the site.

Councilors are also concerned about the insufficient number of parking spaces and turns at the site, adding: “The number of kennels, if used for breeding female dogs, could result in hundreds of additional vehicles on the website.”

They said access to the main highway has limited visibility due to the hill front, steep banks and tall hedgerows in both directions.

A resident called L Gibbs objected and said the claimant had failed to provide enough information.

While Sheryl Netley objected on a number of grounds including the fact that the site is adjacent to the Wye Valley Area of ​​Outstanding Natural Beauty.

She added: “This development will have a significant visual and environmental impact, particularly with regard to existing local tourism-dependent businesses.

“Increased traffic, noise pollution and other associated disturbances will affect the lives of local residents, and the nature of the business will have a negative effect on the character of the neighborhood.”

Herefordshire Council has yet to make a decision on the application.

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