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Norbertine Sisters Expand Their Labrador Dog Breeding Programs | News

In their efforts towards self-sufficiency, the Cloistered Nuns of the Norbertine Canonesses of Bethlehem Priory of St. Joseph continue to expand their small dog breeding program by offering AKC English Labradors to select individuals.

Bethlehem Kennel Puppies features imported lines of Labrador champions in black, yellow and chocolate. Currently, the sisters are accepting applications for two litters. All puppies are carefully matched with candidates before being placed in a forever home.

“As for the two Labrador litters we are expecting this fall, one litter is scheduled for the end of September, and this one will be all black. end of October. This second litter will be all yellow,” said Sister Mary Oda, sub-prioress and sister dog breeder.

According to Sister Mary Oda, the Labradors have excellent temperament and conformation and have all had extensive health checks.

Every dog ​​in Norbertine Monastery has a job, Sister Mary Oda said.

“Labradors are our breeding dogs,” she added.

The average litter size is seven puppies for Labradors; however, dogs are in high demand, so Sister Mary Oda encourages those interested to apply early.

In addition to the Labradors, which cost $2,500 each, the sisters are offering a fourth litter of McNab puppies, which are used for breeding, for $900 each. Puppies should be born in early October and will be available in early December.

The sisters also offer additional training under the “Extended Stay” program for an additional fee. Training includes basic training, socialization and calm.

“I love using them (Labradors) as spiritual inspiration for my childhood,” said Sr. Mary Agnes, who helps with the breeding program. “Nothing ever gets them down, and they’re pretty carefree all the time. They’re so loyal to their people and they’re happy in life in general. I think that’s why people love them.”

According to Sr. Mary Oda, Labradors are the #1 dog breed used for therapy and service.

Says Sr. Mary Oda, “That’s really one of the reasons we decided to breed Labradors.”

The sisters plan to stabilize their course by raising more litters in the future.

“We are planning to have a few litters in 2020, potentially with black, yellow and chocolate puppies available, but we don’t have any specific plans on that yet,” the sister said.

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