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Government releases draft rules to regulate dog breeding | India News

NEW DELHI: Dog breeders will need to register with state animal welfare boards to continue in business, according to draft rules issued by the government. Breeders will also need to keep records of male and female dogs, their breed, microchipped number, litters, sale and purchase, death and rehabilitation.
Each dog breeder will also be required to submit an annual report to the state animal care board regarding animals sold, traded, bartered, traded, donated, boarded, or exhibited during the year.
These are rules under the Draft Notification for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Breeding and Marketing of Dogs 2016) released by the Department of Environment, Forestry and Climate Change on Tuesday. Comments or objections can be made to the project within 30 days. “Until now, there were no rules in the country regarding the breeding, selling and buying of dogs. I hope that the shops, selling and buying of dogs will be done online said Environment Minister Anil Madhav Dave.
Failure to follow the rules will result in cancellation of the dog breeder’s registration. The government has also set conditions regarding the age, medical care, pet store licenses, record keeping and sterilization of dogs for sale. Animal rights groups have welcomed the move.
“Tens of thousands of dogs are illegally bred in deplorable conditions without proper medical care. Often, unweaned puppies under 2 months old are sold to modest customers without any registration or records. Whelping dams are constantly impregnated, impacting their health and that of the puppies,” Humane Society International said.
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