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Dog Breeding Regulations: HC passes interim ordinance and stops authorities from seizing pets | Chennai News

CHENNAI: Coming to the aid of thousands of dog owners, breeders and traders, the Madras High Court has prevented authorities from seizing dogs they kept and bred under the provisions of the cruelty prevention rules against animals (breeding and marketing of dogs), 2017 notified by the central government on May 23.
On May 23, the Center had issued a notice putting the rules into effect and said breeder such as an individual or a group of persons who own dogs of specific breeds for the breeding and sale of dogs and puppies, had to obtain a license renewable every three years, and also maintain the dogstay as prescribed in the rules. Attacking its legality, the Kennel Club of India asked the court to quash the notification and suspend its operation as an interim measure.
Passing orders on the PIL on Wednesday, the First Bench consisting of Chief Justice Indira Banerjee and Justice M Sundar, said: “As the Central Rule Vires are disputed, notice should be given to the Additional Solicitor General of India (Southern Region), through the Additional Solicitor General of India (Tamil Nadu). For a period of two weeks or until further notice, whichever comes first, there will be an interim injunction order prohibiting authorities from taking any domestic dog or puppy kept temporarily by its owner, to a kennel operated by a dog breeder. .” The bench released a new hearing on July 24.
The PIL said the definition in the rules was extremely broad and added: ‘Anyone who keeps a purebred fertile bred dog, a female dog for love of the breed and takes offspring from it, but occasionally, would be covered by the definition of breeder under these rules.
Moreover, the word breeder cannot mean and encompass the operator of a boarding kennel, the intermediate handler or the merchant.
These totally different professions have been inaccurately and incorrectly grouped together under the word breeder in the disputed rules, which is totally absurd, absurd, arbitrary and unreasonable.
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