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Animal Justice Party opposes Bathurst dog breeding | western avocado

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The proposed dog breed facility on the outskirts of Bathurst has been called nothing more than a puppy mill by the Animal Justice Party (AJP). Sydney man John Grima hopes to build an $841,000 livestock facility at 1557 Rockley Road, Fosters Valley – around 21 kilometers south of Bathurst. He owns Kellyville Pets in Beaumont Hills in north-west Sydney and develops breeding to provide pets for sale. Mr Grima has already faced a barrage of criticism from the public who called it a puppy farm, while others said it was located too close to koala ‘nursery trees’ on Black Mountain. Now the AJP has joined calls to urge Bathurst councilors to push back on the development when it comes to them later this month. AJP state official Lisa Ryan has two concerns, including that the facility was being used as a commercial operation and that it would produce crossbred dogs. “The only purpose of breeding is to make money. He’s a commercial breeder,” she said. “The main purpose of imprisoned animals is to produce puppies which are then sold online or in a pet store. “The physical, emotional or psychological needs of animals are not being met.” Ms Ryan said Mr Grima’s plan to cross breeds, such as French bulldogs and pugs, would result in dogs “notorious for their respiratory problems”. “We already have enough ethical breeders and enough dogs and puppies that need homes,” she said. Mr Grima, who has worked in the pet industry for 34 years, previously told the Western Advocate he was “very aware” of people’s interest in animal welfare. He said the 100 hectare block in Fosters Valley would set a new benchmark for the industry in Australia. “It will include grassed exercise areas, insulated kennels with under-slab heating and socialization yards,” he said. “There will be on-site grooming facilities and a veterinary inspection area, as well as a specially designed temperature-controlled whelping facility with supervision.” Mr Grima said the facility would set new standards for dog breeding in Australia. The AJP will continue its efforts against development approval by staging a protest outside Kellyville Pets this Saturday, while members will also attend the Bathurst council meeting later this month.


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