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Advocates work to shut down dog breeding facility for medical testing

Area animal advocates are calling for change, following news of a potential dog breeding facility in the Spring Green area.

NBC15 News received calls, emails and social media posts from viewers concerned about the installation. Our teams have been working to find out what exactly a dog breeding facility entails and how the area might be affected.

“Dogs are pets. Most people don’t want to see experienced dogs,” says Rebekah Klemm, dog advocate and founder of the Dane4Dogs organization. “These dogs are bred purely for profit. There’s no, they’re not going to loving families, they’re not going to big homes. They’re going to be experienced.”

The Kane family, who have called for the dog farm to open, released a statement on July 1 in response to concerns from some community members.

The Kane family also said in the statement that they maintain rigorous animal care practices and standards, saying: “Our animal welfare facilities and practices have been inspected by the Department of Health. United States Agriculture (USDA). We have been found to comply with all humane standards set forth in the Animal Welfare Act.”

The ball rolling started at a meeting of the City of Spring’s Green Plan Commission on May 14, when the council approved a permit for “the establishment of a kennel in a farm building.” Klemm says the article was misleading and that some are working to revoke that passage.

“We heard from members of the city council who approved this conditional use permit, that they did not know they were approving a research puppy mill. They thought it was a boarding house for dogs “, explains Klemm.

The process accelerated at a meeting of the Spring Village Green Plan Commission and the Joint Offshore Zoning Committee on June 19. That’s when the family asked for “a commercial kennel and dog boarding facility.”

Committee chairman Joel Marcus says he thought the article was “routine”, for a family hoping to raise puppies. He tells NBC15 News he was “blindsided” when he said he was told the family was asking to raise puppies on their property, and possibly move them to a larger medical testing facility.

The article did not pass the Spring Green Village Board of Directors last week. It was tabled for a next meeting, scheduled for July 17. Board members say they need more time to research regulations and legalities.

Marcus told our crews over the phone, “We had a deep talk [the item]. We weren’t comfortable with the rules and procedure and needed more time.

“In the case of a research puppy mill, you’re talking about dogs never going outside for what they call ‘biosecurity reasons,'” Klemm explains. “It’s because they say these dogs can’t go out because they’ll be sold for research.”

Prospective dog breeders are seeking approval from both the City of Spring Green and the Village of Spring Green for two separate properties.

If the article goes through the Spring Village Green Plan Commission and the Joint Offshore Zoning Committee next month, it will still need the green light from the Sauk County Land Resources and Environment Board. The next meeting is scheduled for July 23.

NBC15 News reached out to people who wanted to get the installation started by phone, online, and knocking on their door. So far, the family has not responded.

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