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A breakdown of dog breeding

POLOKWANE – Review spoke with local dog breeders Francois and Lanie Naudé about what it takes to become a registered dog breeder and all the responsibilities that come with the title.

Their favorite dog breed is the Rottweiler and they have been registered breeders for seven years. Francois said his wife chose Rottweilers because of their loving nature, a nature often misunderstood.

François Naudé shows that Rottweilers are actually a very affectionate and social breed that enjoys a lot of attention.

“Rottweilers are a very misunderstood breed, which has led to animal cruelty because people don’t understand the breed, and even dog attacks when people don’t have a pure-line Rottweiler. or of a mixed race,” François explained.

Being one of only two registered Rottweiler breeders in Limpopo, he said a purebred Rottweiler has specific characteristics that classify him as such.

He told Review that breeding dogs isn’t something you can do for money because it’s expensive to have a dog tested as a Rottweiler and groomed for breeding. Multiple tests must be performed and multiple councils must approve the test results for a dog to be certified. Then the puppies must also undergo a rigorous classification regiment and have all their vaccines and tests.

“Having a good bloodline is very important. It’s a good start but breeding requires a lot of animals and that’s why I’ve only had two litters in seven years of breeding,” he added.

Ensuring animals receive the proper nutrition is just one of a dog breeder’s responsibilities.

He said the first thing people looking for a purebred dog can do is apply for a certificate from the Kennel Union of South Africa (Kusa) which will contain the history of the animal and its lineage for make sure it is not marred.

Kusa, he added, has a list of local breeders who are registered and people who claim to be registered but without the proper documentation can be verified by contacting them.

Lanie Naudé treats her Rottweilers.

One of the biggest problems that exists for dog breeders is people who turn their breeding into puppy mills where the animals are mistreated and forced to have as many litters as possible in a short time, among other abuses.

Francois urged anyone who encounters a puppy mill to report it to the SPCA as a matter of urgency.

Being a dog breeder, he said, is a big responsibility because you have to make sure that the dogs are well cared for and that their feeding and living conditions are clean and adequate.

That’s why, he explained, it’s so important to check with Kusa before buying a dog from a breeder because Kusa, along with the SPCA, makes regular visits to registered dog breeders.

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